Answers to frequently asked questions

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How do I reach the correct contact person at Depesche to deal with my query?

Here you have many options. The easiest: use our contact form and choose 'Query / Contact area' accordingly. You could also of course call us in working hours, explain your query and be connected. We look forward to your call.

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As a consumer, am I able to order Depesche products online?

You cannot order directly from us online, but some of our customers have online shops, where you are able to order our products. You can find these dealers on the TOPModel homepage under the category "Boutique".

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Where can I complain about Depesche products?

In principle it is best to go the retailer where you purchased your item. If this is not possible, you can sent the faulty products to us.

Please send to our postal address:

Depesche UK Ltd.
19 Wheeler Gate
Nottingham NG1 2NA
United Kingdom

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Does Depesche allow an insight into the company figures?


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